Fans have been rioting after major events for years, so it is no surprise that Giants fans took to the streets of San Francisco following their championship-clinching win in Game 4 of the World Series on Sunday night.

After Marco Scutaro and Sergio Romo were done putting away the Tigers, Giants fans began celebrating in what has become an inalienable right to fans of championship teams.

Bonfires, fireworks, broken windows, alcohol, brooms, flipped cars and
burning buses were all part of the celebration that, although spirited,
didn't quite rival the 2010 celebrations.

"We're going to help the partiers party," police Sgt. Tad Yamaguchi told the San Francisco Chronicle, citing the precautions taken based on events in 2010. "As long as they're lawful and having fun, we're all for it."

Check out a video of the Giants fans' celebrations.

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