MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds might have made some enemies in Atlanta.

On Friday night, MLB umpire Sam Holbrook made a controversial call on an infield fly rule that played a role in deciding the league's first wild card one-game playoff. Reynolds didn't think it was so controversial.

The former second baseman said that because the infielder was under control at the time, it didn't matter how far back into the outfield he was, the rule still applied. He also said the reason that the call came in so late was because Holbrook was waiting for the ball to reach its peak height before signalling for an infield fly. Reynolds also cited a play earlier in the year that an infield fly was ruled where Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro had drifted far out of the infield.

The call was not a popular one with Atlanta fans, as they littered the field with trash and forced a 19-minute delay in the game.

Watch the video below to see Reynolds' explanation.