Jay Cutler, Ndamukong Suh Considered NFL’s Least-Liked Players, According to Forbes


Jay Cutler, Ndamukong Suh Considered NFL's Least-Liked Players, According to ForbesOn Monday night, the Lions' Ndamukong Suh put a hit on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler that caught a lot of attention.

Granted, Suh alread had a reputation around the league as being a "dirty" player, an idea reinforced by the fact that he was flagged for nine personal fouls through his first two seasons — the most in the league over that period. Although his hit on Cutler appeared to be relatively clean, the end result of it — seeing Cutler go down to the turf face first — certainly hasn't helped Suh's case.

However, according to Forbes, America doesn't seem particularly sympathetic toward either player involved.

In a list published by the online version of the magazine on Tuesday, Cutler and Suh were named the "least-liked players" in the NFL. According to an article, Nielsen collaborated on a poll with E-Poll Market Research, and then scored players based on the percentages of people who "liked" them.

Of course, the reasons for each player being so disliked are completely different. As we already mentioned, Suh is perceived as a "dirty" player who makes unsafe hits, while Cutler has gotten a reputation as a "whiner" over the course of his career (see our quote below).

On the flip side of the poll, the NFL's most popular players include Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu and — surely enough — New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Obviously, the scientific basis of this poll can be called into question, but it does seem to confirm some trends. Fans tend to like workman-like players and positive attitudes, and dislike entitled players who complain. Also, people seem to universally dislike the Dallas Cowboys.

So, despite the controversy over Monday's Suh-Cutler hit, don't expect anyone to shed a tear for that pair any time soon.

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Jay Cutler, Ndamukong Suh Considered NFL's Least-Liked Players, According to Forbes
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There are a lot of guys who whine and moan. Cam's not biting anybody's
head off or pushing his linemen. He's just disgruntled, and not handling
losing well, because, think about it, he basically didn't lose in
–Warren Moon, alleging that the criticism of Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has a racist tone.

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