Jermichael Finley Calls Packers Win ‘Disappointing,’ Says Defense Is Mad When Green Bay Offense FlopsA win is a win — unless it's in Green Bay.

While most teams would be happy to thump a visiting team 24-15 and call it a week, the Packers' Jermichael Finley isn't so pleased with Green Bay's outing this Sunday (even though the 5-3 Packers need all the wins they can get after that — ahem — loss to Seattle).

"It's not ugly. It's nasty," Finley said of the win, according to Fox Sports Wisconsin. "It's a real nasty win. With the ability we got and with the guys we got on this team, it kills us."

The Packers managed just 238 yards and averaged only 4.5 yards a pass — not great against a Jaguars team that came into Sunday's game ranked 19th in the league in passing defense. Finley said the poor effect of the offense not playing well led to Jacksonville staying in the game, as the Jags offense chewed up 341 yards and kept the score close until the end.

"If the defense is looking at us, that's why they're mad at us if we go three-and-out, because they know what we can do," Finley said. "And we're [ticked] off at them when teams like Jacksonville drive the ball down the field."

Finley implied that Green Bay has gained a reputation of allowing offensive outbursts.

"I thought they were excited to play us," Finley said. "That's why they came out shooting every bullet they had. We've got to put teams like this away early."

It's a story that sounds all too familiar for New England fans. The Patriots share the distinction of having a great offense — and an inability to put opponents away.

At least one thing is different between the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers and the Tom Brady-quarterbacked Patriots, though: Brady would take the win and be happy with it.