Mark Sanchez Has Quarterback Rating of 66.6, Which Is Just Part of Fun With His Passing Stats


Mark Sanchez Has Quarterback Rating of 66.6, Which Is Just Part of Fun With His Passing StatsPrepare to have your mind blown.

The New York Jets' quarterback situation just won't die as a storyline, and when that happens, total freak coicidences become borderline news. With that, we give you Mark Sanchez's stat line through five weeks of the NFL season.

The Jets' starter for the time being, Sanchez has been under plenty of scrutiny this season, and for good reason. The former first-round pick has been erratic for much of the season, as completing passes becomes more and more of an arduous task. 

Through five games, his completion percentage is 48.4 percent. That's important number in that it doesn't involve a "6" anywhere. That's because just about every other Sanchez statistic does include the No. 6.

For instance, he's thrown six touchdowns. He also has a half-dozen interceptions. How many yards per attempt, do you think then, is Sanchez averaging? It's 6.6, of course. While Sanchez and the Jets haven't hit on many long passes this season, you may not be surprised to find out the his longest completion of the season went for … 66 yards.

It gets better, though. When you tabulate all of those numbers in some sort of weird way that spits out quarterback rating, Sanchez's QB rating comes out as, wait for it, 66.6.

Six-six-six. For No. 6.

It only gets better when you consider that Sanchez is being backed up by Tim Tebow. The southpaw signal caller may be one of New York's most popular men right now, as he is the only antidote to Sanchez at this point. It's also a little bit zany given Tebow's outspoken and widely publicized religious beliefs. 

Oh, that and if you add the two digits of Tebow's No. 15 jersey, one and five, you of course, get six.

Wait, wait, wait. There's even more. The Jets were defeated Monday night on Monday Night Football. Not a big deal, right? Teams play on Monday night every week and all of that. 

Well, take it away, Timmy!

What does it all mean? Absolutely nothing, of course. But hey, it's probably the most fun anyone has had with Sanchez's offensive numbers all season.

Sanchez, Tebow and the Jets enter Week 6 (!) with a 2-3 record.

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