Pretty much anyone with an Internet can agree: the best thing about the world wide web is the abundance of cute cat pictures that it's spawned.

While there are thousands upon thousands of adorable kittens across the web, Cincinnati Reds starting pitcher Mat Latos may have taken the cake in terms of naming his pet. According to his wife's, Dallas Latos, Twitter account, the couple acquired the cat about a month ago and named it (seriously) Cat Latos.

But wait, there's more.

If you are, in fact, the kind of person who spends their time online searching Google for pictures of cats, Mrs. Latos has tweeted out numerous pictures of the cat lounging around with her and her husband for everyone to enjoy. And we have to admit, they're particularly cute.

But it doesn't end there. Apparently Cat Latos has become such a sensation that someone created a parody Twitter account, which had already gained about 1,800 followers. In fact, that account made an interesting discovery, re-tweeting a picture of someone wearing a "Cat Latos" No. 55 Reds jersey at a recent game at Great American Ballpark.

One might legitimately ask — in the wake of Latos' decisive NLDS Game 5 line of five earned runs on seven hits in just 4 1/3 innings pitched — if spending all that time with his kitten has taken Latos' edge and competitive fire. But hey, at least he'll have some feline companionship as he spends the fall watching baseball at home.