Jeffrey Maier
was not in the stands for Friday night's deciding American League Division Series game between the Orioles and the Yankees, but he appeared to have a comrade in the right-field seats.

The Orioles were denied a close home run near the right-field foul pole Friday night when the umpiring crew called a long blast by Nate McLouth foul, then upheld the ruling after watching a replay.

The close call had many Baltimore fans thinking of Maier, who reached over an outfield fence to scoop up a long Derek Jeter fly that appeared catchable 17 years ago. The umpires did not call fan interference on that play, and the home run stood.

Maier has since lived in infamy among Orioles fans, and the no-call is considered one of the worst in MLB postseason history.

On Friday night, no fans were in sight, but McLouth also appeared to be robbed of a home run. His high, arcing fly went to the right side of the foul pole in the right-field stands, but as it came down, it appeared to graze the pole, which would have made it fair. The umpires, however, didn't see it that way, and Baltimore was left to wonder "what if?" as the Yankees went on to win 3-1, with the O's failing to capitalize in that inning.

Check out the replay of the close call foul ball below.

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