New York Post Rips Alex Rodriguez, Yankees With ‘We Don’t Date Losers’ Cover (Photos)

by NESN Staff

October 19, 2012

As beautiful as Kyna Treacy may be, she still dates losers — just don’t tell the New York Post that.

On Friday, the New York Post ripped Alex Rodriguez and the Yankees — who were swept out of the ALCS on Thursday night by the Detroit Tigers — by creating a cover that mocks the reported rumor of A-Rod hitting on women during a postseason game earlier this month.

A-Rod reportedly tossed a ball to Treacy during a game, asking for her phone number. The Post had some fun with said rumor on Friday, just hours after the Yanks’ season came to a close. Check out the cover below.

New York Post Rips Alex Rodriguez, Yankees With 'We Don't Date Losers' Cover (Photos)

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Photo via Twitter/@DanHicksNBC

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