NHL, NHLPA Will Meet Thursday to Discuss League's Formal Offer for 82-Game Season, Nov. 2 Start DateOn Thursday, we may be one step closer to a full hockey season.

The NHL and their players' association will meet on Thursday to discuss Tuesday's formal offer from the league for a full 82-game season with a Nov. 2 start date.

Dan Rosen from NHL.com reported the news and said that the meeting will take place at the NHLPA's headquarters.

The proposed deal from the league is for a six-year agreement with an option for a seventh year. The NHL and NHLPA would have a 50-50 split for hockey related revenue.

There are still stumbling blocks involved for a deal to take place. Donald Fehr, the NHL players union head, said that the proposed deal would cost players $1.6 billion over the course of the six-year contract.

The NHL made its proposal public on Wednesday, some of the other terms are a $59.9 million payroll and a five-year maximum length on all contracts.

The lockout started on Sept. 16. With a start date of Nov. 2, each team would play an additional game every five weeks.