O.J. Simpson Robbery Case to Be Re-Opened, Nevada Judge Rules


October 20, 2012

O.J. Simpson Robbery Case to Be Re-Opened, Nevada Judge RulesDuring O.J. Simpson's 1994-1995 murder trial, many people claimed that both the prosecution and the jury (who were
overheard discussing DNA evidence and saying things like, "But lots of people
have the same blood type") were incompetent.

The (very) general consensus was that the evidence against Simpson was so overwhelming that it was an unmitigated failure that he wasn't sent to jail for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

Now, it would seem, the shoe — or should we say, glove — is on the other limb.

Simpson is in jail right now in Nevada for a totally unrelated crime — he was, in fact, later found financially liable for the deaths of Brown and Goldman — related to armed robbery and kidnapping charges while trying to get personal memorabilia back from a Las Vegas dealer. The soonest Simpson could see parole is 2017.

However, according to The Associated Press, Clark County District Court judge Linda Marie Bell has agreed to hear questioning by Simpson's current lawyer that essentially argues that the former football star's defense team in the 2008 robbery trial was so incompetent that Simpson should be granted a new trial.

"[Simpson trial lawyer Yale] Galanter was motivated by his own interests, which caused him to
materially limit Simpson's legal representation," the appeal says.
"Galanter remained on the case until rehearing was denied and denied
Simpson the opportunity to raise this issue."

Moreover, the appeal claims that Galanter actually encouraged Simpson to confront the memorabilia dealers — the incident in question — and told him it was perfectly legal.

So, who knows what Simpson's legal future holds, but one thing is for sure: The court of public opinion (whether it be sympathetic or otherwise) has long since made up its mind.

Photo via Facebook/O.J. Simpson

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O.J. Simpson Robbery Case to Be Re-Opened, Nevada Judge Rules

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O.J. Simpson Robbery Case to Be Re-Opened, Nevada Judge Rules


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