Phil Coke
has found a new home as the Tigers' shutdown man, where he's been strong in the late innings while former closer Jose Valverde takes some time off.

But, while Coke may be pretty good now, he wasn't anyone to notice before — at least, according to Detroit teammate Miguel Cabrera.

Coke broke out his finest Cabrera impression for the MLB cameras as he described a conversation he and Cabrera had when Cabrera asked him whether the two had ever faced each other. While Cabrera was convinced that any meeting would have been a boon for the batter, Coke had to be the one to tell him that Coke, in fact, struck him out.

But that wasn't the best part. Cabrera's comeback — delivered in fine Coke form — has us thinking that being a "horsecrap pitcher" may not be that bad, if it includes striking out Miguel Cabrera.

Check out the funny story in the video below.