Red Sox’ Managerial Plans, Jacoby Ellsbury’s Future Will Be Among Top Offseason Storylines

by abournenesn

Oct 3, 2012

Red Sox' Managerial Plans, Jacoby Ellsbury's Future Will Be Among Top Offseason StorylinesThe 2012 season will come to a merciful end Wednesday night when the Red Sox play Game No. 162 in New York against the Yankees.

The Bombers will move on to the playoffs, and the Red Sox will go home. At least one member of the extended Sox family, however, will be headed to the playoffs. 

Don Orsillo will get another taste of postseason action, taking his play-by-play talents to the national stage for the divisional series. Before he does that, though, he checks in for his final mailbag of the year.

Who is your favorite all-time Red Sox player? 
— Cynthia Lowe

For me, it is Dwight Evans. When I was in Little
League, I started at third base, so initially it was Butch Hobson. But to
me, the best was Evans. He could hit for power and was a great outfielder with a
great arm. He just looked cool doing everything he did. I had the pleasure of
getting to know him later in life when he was on the coaching staff early in my
tenure here and then had the chance to work with him as broadcaster as he
filled in for Jerry Remy in 2009. Many times, you are disappointed by your idols when you meet them, and I
am pleased to report that he was very much the class act I anticipated. From
afar, my two favorites on opposing teams now resemble the class that Dewey exhibited are Cal Ripken and Derek Jeter.   

It may be a little early to be wondering this, but what would you
say the chances are that Dustin Pedroia will stay with the Red Sox his whole
— Larry, Carlisle, Mass. 

I hope he does. He is the player you build your team around. If
there were 25 Dustin Pedroias on your team, you would never worry about
anything. He is the ultimate gamer. I am not sure I know anyone else who has
the drive, desire and will to win like he does. I know the Red Sox recognize
this, and I can see him being a guy who starts and ends in one uniform. I am
hopeful that happens.

What do you think is the Red Sox' biggest concern right now?
— Scott Trant 

The managerial situation. I think that is first and foremost on
the docket. If they make the change, then a new hire must come very quickly, and a new staff
just as quickly. Ben Cherington has admitted the Red Sox were
behind in developing the team last year because of the length of time it took
to hire Valentine and put together a staff. This time, if they do change the
manager, the turnaround will be much quicker, and the rebuilding of the roster
will also be faster. The Red Sox do have more money freed up by the trade with
the Dodgers, and I believe they will spend wisely.

Given that the Red Sox struggled, will they try to trade Jacoby Ellsbury?
He seems disgruntled at times.
— Tom Smith

That is a tough one. He will be difficult to sign, and it is very
clear that his health and time on the field are a major concern to any team
that signs him if the Red Sox let him walk after next season. They may see the
opportunity to trade him this offseason perhaps, if they can get back major league-ready talent. I am not sure he is unhappy here, but there is no doubt he
is a game-changing player when he is healthy. His agent, Scott Boras,
will play a large role in any possibilities of him re-signing here. 

Can we please see the shark you caught again? That thing is huge!
— Chris, Ponchatoula, La.

Absolutely. When you are a deep-sea shark fisherman, you are always
ready to share some of your largest conquests. It took a long time to get this
ocean monster in. In all seriousness, I thought when I was reeling it in that it
was far larger. Sadly, Jerry was not buying it and requested the photo. It
turned out not to be exactly Jaws.

Red Sox' Managerial Plans, Jacoby Ellsbury's Future Will Be Among Top Offseason Storylines

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