Report: Guantanamo Bay Prisoner's Note Calling LeBron James 'Bad Man' Treated as Top Secret by U.S. GovernmentLeBron James might be one of the most hated athletes stateside, but it appears that the dislike for King James and his decision to leave Cleveland extends worldwide as well.

A prisoner being detained at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, wrote a note calling James "a bad man" and insisting that he apologize to Cleveland, according to Reuters. What's more, that note was treated as "Top Secret" classified information by the U.S. government for two months until it was released to the public.

"It took [a government Security Classification Review Team] approximately two months to
determine that my client's opinion of LeBron James did not pose a
grievous threat to national security," said Navy Lieutenant Commander Kevin Bogucki, the prisoner's lawyer.

The prisoner, Muhammed Rahim, was being held in Gitmo by the CIA but had not been charged with any crimes. However, because he had been interrogated by the government, his communication was monitored and treated with the utmost care.