Report: Sergio Ramos Provokes Jose Mourinho With Public Support of Mezut Ozil


Oct 3, 2012

Report: Sergio Ramos Provokes Jose Mourinho With Public Support of Mezut OzilThe Sergio Ramos versus Jose Mourinho saga doesn’t look like it will end anytime soon. The latest episode came Sunday during the game against Deportivo.

Jose Mourinho substituted Mezut Ozil for Kaka during halftime after a poor performance by the German. Spanish media is reporting that at the end of the first half, Mourinho recriminated Ozil for the way he played. He had also done it during the first half from the sidelines.

Sergio Ramos then decided to wear Ozil’s jersey underneath for the second half in what many believe is a clear provocation of Mourinho.

Ramos has dismissed the interpretation and said on his Twitter account that he just wanted to dedicate a goal to his teammate and that he had this idea before.

“I would like to clarify a couple things before more lies come up and more things are made up. Mesut [Mezut] is a great friend, and I told him a while ago that my first goal of the season would be for him, and seeing he was substituted, I wore his jersey thinking I could score my goal, nothing more,” he posted.

The Real Madrid defender also went on to comment about his relationship with Mourinho saying his relationship was good and praising him as a coach.

“My relationship with Mourinho is good, honest and clear. I respect his decisions and for me he is the best coach. Hala Madrid!!,” Ramos added.

However, Spanish media say, the issue is not solved as both Mourinho and Ramos made postgame declarations last Sunday that could be interpreted to have a hidden messages.

When asked about Ramos Mourinho declared: “Sergio Ramos gives me everything that a defender can give me when he is at his top,” which could be a message from the Portuguese that the Sevilla native is not giving 100 percent.

When inquired about Mourinho’s words, Ramos took it calmly: “I don’t feel pointed at, I have a very clear conscience when I go out to the pitch. It may be said that I may be playing or worse, but my attitude has always been good.

“I’m not here to get into debates or opinions from anyone, even less from the manager,” he added. “If I am here, it is because I have his confidence and my teammates’.” But he made clear that was not going to bite his tongue. “I die with my ideas and my principles, and if I don’t like something, why am I going to have to shut up?” Ramos said.

Meanwhile speculation keeps floating around in Spanish media. Sports daily Sport is saying that Ramos wants out of Real Madrid because of his fight with Mourinho, while Mundo Deportivo is already reporting that Chelsea is interested in Ramos, saying that the Blues would be willing to pay up to 50 million euros for the defender.

Ramos has a signed contract with Real Madrid until the 2016-17 season.

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