Rob Gronkowski Says He Doesn’t ‘Crush Beers’ After Being Shown Crushing Beers on ESPN’s E:60 (Video)


After an offseason dubbed as "the Summer of Gronk," Rob Gronkowski has been serious — and nearly invisible off the field — during the Patriots' 2012 season.

Gronkowski was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday and answered a question about his drinking prowess as if Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft were listening over his shoulder.

When Patrick asked Gronk how long he would be able to hang with the infamous Gronkowski brothers, the Patriots' tight end answered laughing, "Probably an hour." He said that a typical day during the offseason includes backyard sports, working out, "kicking it" and "chilling."

That's when Patrick asked, "When would we start crushing beers though?" Gronkowski had an atypical answer for the famous partier, "Not sure. I don't do those things."

That wary answer contradicts Sports Illustrated's article on Gronk that had him suggesting — and following through with — shotgunning beers at a 21st birthday party that he was paid to attend. Gronkowski was also shown on ESPN's E:60 drinking and partying during the offseason.

Gronkowski may be known for his partying off the field during the offseason, but he seems just as dedicated to his craft on the field during the season. If Patrick asked the same question back in June, he may have received a much different answer.

Of course, the Patriots also asked Gronkowski to scale back on his wild ways back in July, so maybe this answer is a direct result of that. Have the Patriots really tamed Gronk?

Watch E:60's piece on Gronkowski in the video below.

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