Robert Woods Nearly Knocked Out After Helmet-to-Helmet Contact, Only Misses One Play (Video)


October 5, 2012

Robert Woods is one of USC's top receivers, but that shouldn't excuse him from taking a legitimate concussion test after losing his balance following a play.

In Thursday night's 38-28 victory over Utah, Woods was on punt coverage for the Trojans. He went to make a block on a potential tackler, and ended up getting an opponent's helmet right in his face. Woods fell to the ground, only to get back up a few seconds later, only to fall right back to the ground. He was then taken to the sidelines for a brief concussion test.

Woods told that the test consisted of three questions, including who the current president of the United States was, what the date was and a simple math question. That's it. That's all he needed to answer.

Woods passed and was able to return after just one play.

In today's day and age, concussion and brain injuries are extremely serious, yet taken lightly. Former NHL forward Derek Boogaard did much to bring to light just how serious head injuries are when he was pothumously profiled in a groundbreaking New York Times three-part article last year. Yet, incidents such as this continue to happen.

Check out the video below to see Woods tumble to the ground in what was a very scary moment in Utah. 

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