Santana Moss Paranoid While Playing Away From Home, But Finds Robert Griffin III to Be Calming


Santana Moss Paranoid While Playing Away From Home, But Finds Robert Griffin III to Be CalmingThe Redskins relied on quarterback Robert Griffin III to lead them to victory once again on Sunday, and the rookie delivered. But the confusion surrounding Washington's final drive has wide receiver Santana Moss feeling a bit paranoid.

Moss, who has underperformed in the team's four games this season, was worried that some foul play was afoot in the fourth quarter of Sunday's 24-22 win, as RG3's headset malfunctioned during the Redskins' final drive.

"I mean, I've been in plenty of games that when we're away, we can't hear the call, especially on the last part of the game," Moss said of the failing headset. "So I'm almost thinking that that's something that they do in stadiums to say, 'Hey, you know, let's make it little harder for them.'"

Although teams have long been curious about late-game malfunctions at opposing stadiums, there has never been any substantiated proof of tampering. Plus, Moss' paranoia probably stems from the Redskins' four consecutive losing seasons. Now, they have a reason to be optimistic, though.

Even given the technical difficulties, Griffin was still able to work his way downfield and put Redskins kicker Billy Cundiff in a position to make the game-winning 41-yard field goal. Griffin's leadership and ability to overcome unexpected obstacles on the game-winning drive has Redskins fans glowing with excitement, and apparently you can count Moss among that crowd.

"You put him in a game-time situation, that critical, game on the line, it makes it a little more, 'Wow,'" Moss said of his quarterback. "I'm glad we have a guy that, even though we're dealing with his youth of him not being here, he doesn't play like his age or his coming into the league this young. He doesn't approach the game that way. He approaches the game like he's been here before."

At this point, Griffin certainly looks like he's been leading an NFL offense for a lot longer than four games. And with this smooth operator at the helm, Moss won't be the only one calmed by Griffin's ability to shine in the big moment.

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