Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman Labels Patriots’ Offense as ‘Gimmick Offense’


Oct 15, 2012

Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman Labels Patriots' Offense as 'Gimmick Offense'Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman was feeling pretty good about himself and his team after the Seahawks shocked the Patriots on Sunday afternoon in Seattle.

Sherman’s Twitter exploits have been well documented already, as the photo of him and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has taken off on the old information super highway.

The tweets wasn’t the only example of Sherman’s boasting in the aftermath of Seattle’s 24-23 win over New England.

“Any time you run a gimmick offense, you’re a little bit afraid — you’re not sound in what you’re doing in your base stuff,”Sherman told Yahoo! Sports on Sunday after the game. “You’re running this hurry-up stuff, and there’s a reason it’s not effective, because there are great defenses out there who will stuff it. We figured out early in the game what the calls were, what they were doing, and what the adjustments were. We started executing better, and that’s why they got only six points in the second half.”

Sherman wasn’t done there, either.

“Me and Earl [Thomas] walked up to him and said, ‘We’re greater than you. We’re better than you. You’re just a man — we’re a team.’ That’s the Brady Bunch; this is a defense,” he said according to Yahoo! Sports.” We’ve got 11 players out there to play great ball, and we’re never going to let one man beat us. It’s not just about one man. If they’ve got 11 players out there on offense, then they’re one hell of a team.”

Sherman and Thomas both intecepted Brady on Sunday.

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