Stephen A. Smith’s Latest Outburst Adds to Long List of Crazy Soundbites (Gallery)


Stephen A. Smith's Latest Outburst Adds to Long List of Crazy Soundbites (Gallery)Stephen A. Smith
has one of the most recognizable voices on television and his trademark rants have made him famous. They have also landed him in hot water time and again.

His latest outburst involved a racial slur that he is denying he ever said, although there is enough video out there to refute his claims. It marks the second time Smith has been accused of using racially
charged language on the air, and the second time he has argued that his
words were misconstrued.

Smith has also railed against LeBron James, Kwame Brown, Stephon Marbury, the Knicks, Kwame Brown again, Sean Hannity, Tim Tebow, Jalen Rose and First Take counterpart Skip Bayless. These rants have inspired scathing internet articles as well as hilarious SNL skits.

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