Tom Brady Explains Love for Football, Says 'It's Like the Abyss,' and 'It's the Edge of the Cliff'Tom Brady is an artist on the field, and he's slowly becoming a poet in the press room.

One storyline floating around Brady's name has been how much longer the Patriots quarterback can play — or how much longer he even wants to play. After all, there's a modeling career lined up after his playing days and a family at home that would likely love to see him a lot more than they do now. He's got the rings, the money and the fame that comes with it.

So what's fueling his fire? On Wednesday, Brady was asked why he wants to play as long as he can and at this stage. His answer wasn't typical, to say the least.

"To play football. It’s a great sport," he told reporters, as the Pats prepare for the Broncos. "I love coming to work every day. I love the challenge that the weeks bring: the mental challenge, the physical challenge. I love the training. I love being around my teammates. There’s just not much else out there other than my family. I think it’s like the abyss. There’s nothing else. It’s the edge of the cliff."