Vote: Should London Have an NFL Team?London already has plenty of English football clubs, but could the city support a pro American football team as well?

Robert Kraft told NFL fans in London on Saturday that he thinks the city should have its own NFL team, rather than bringing single games over every year. The single games do well, but could London really support a team and all of the trials that may go along with having a pro squad in a different country across the Atlantic Ocean?

From the league's perspective, a team in London makes a lot of sense. Imagine all of the money the NFL could make from expanding the league to another country. That's far more merchandising and advertising profits than just expanding to another city within the United States. An entire country would support one team and the league could gain viewership, sponsorship and visibility.

Would English fans actually care, though, and would it be worth all the extra travel? East Coast teams already fly six hours across the country to face teams in Seattle and California, but every away game for London's team would mean at least a six-hour flight, and every home game would mean at least a six-hour flight for the opponents. The team may also have trouble attracting free agents, because who wants to uproot your family and move to a different country without guaranteed contracts?

So what do you think — could London support a team? Should the NFL expand to London?

Should there be an NFL team in London?