Vote: Was Nate McLouth's Fly Ball Against the Yankees Fair or Foul?The Orioles went down heroically Friday night, falling 3-1 in the last matchup of their American League Division Series against the Yankees after five tight games.

But while some Baltimore fans may be able to call it a great year and look ahead to future AL East dominance, a few can't help but argue about the bad taste they have in their mouths after Friday night's loss.

That's because the Orioles were once again ensnared in some postseason home run controversy.

Baltimore left fielder Nate McLouth appeared to have tied the game for the O's in the sixth inning with a long fly ball into the right-field stands. But the umpires called the ball foul, even after checking a video replay. While the ball did land to the right of the foul pole, replay shows that the ball's trajectory seemed to change as it descended, meaning it most likely nicked the pole — which would have made it a home run.

Even TBS's stand-in Sherlock Holmes, Craig Sager, reported that a Yankee Stadium usher saw it nick the pole, although no paint could be found on the ball.

While the Yankees went on to win by two runs, there's no telling what could have happened had McLouth been given a home run on the play. (See the replay here.)

The official ruling has been given, but what do you think? Was it the right call?

Was Nate McLouth's fly ball fair or foul?