Vote: Who Is the Best Fourth-Quarter Quarterback of All Time?What quarterback do you want on the field when the game matters most?

Tom Brady has made a career out of fourth-quarter comebacks, with 25 to be exact. But in recent memory, he and the Patriots' offense haven't been able to get it done when it truly matters in the playoffs with two straight Super Bowl losses. Still, Brady has an eleven year history and all three of the Patriots' Super Bowl victories have come off of game-winning drives led by No. 12.

John Elway amounted 35 fourth-quarter comebacks during his career and 46 game-winning drives. Perhaps his most famous was "The Drive" against Cleveland when Elway and the Broncos drove 98 yards in five minutes to tie the AFC Championship game.

Eli Manning has won two Super Bowls against a very familiar opponent off fourth-quarter comebacks. Because of that, he seems to have taken the throne from Brady for fourth-quarter quarterbacks. Still, Manning has 22 fourth-quarter comebacks and 26 game-winning drives, while Brady has 36.

Cowboys legend Roger Staubach had 15 career fourth-quarter comebacks and 23 game-winning drives while Joe Montana had 31 fourth-quarter comebacks and 33 game-winning drives.

So which quarterback do you think is the best in history in the fourth-quarter?

Who is the best fourth-quarter quarterback of all time?