‘Wedding Bouquet’ Pass Taking Football by Storm, Also Rather Strange (Videos)


The game of football is changing as we know it.

OK, that might be a stretch, but we’re starting to see some interesting offensive trickery, particularly on high school gridirons. One of the strangest plays picking up steam is what can only be described as the “wedding bouquet” pass.

Those who have ever been to a wedding know the bouquet toss is often unpredictable, with the potential for disaster very much present. That hasn’t stopped some high school coaches from implementing the backward toss technique around the goal line, though.

A couple of videos have surfaced on the World Wide Web that feature backward tosses into the end zone resulting in two points. The “wedding bouquet” pass proved to be effective in these instances, but the play is certainly strange in all instances.

Check out the cutting-edge play in the videos below.

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