Will Middlebrooks, Cody Ross Draw Ire of Red Sox Fans After Tweeting About Raul Ibanez’s Home Run for Yankees


Will Middlebrooks, Cody Ross Draw Ire of Red Sox Fans After Tweeting About Raul Ibanez's Home Run for YankeesRed Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks and right fielder Cody Ross thought they were just watching some playoff baseball.

Instead, they managed to get Red Sox Nation all worked up.

Some Red Sox fans appear to still be sore after the team's worst season in decades, as comments from Middlebrooks and Ross about another incredible, clutch home run from the Yankees' Raul Ibanez on Saturday night were met with vitriol from the Boston fan base.

Ibanez, who had kept New York in its division series with Baltimore by pinch-hitting for Alex Rodriguez and hitting a game-tying home run in the bottom of Game 3's ninth inning and then smacking a game-winner in the 12th, was at it again Saturday night. The Yankees had worked to within 4-2 after trailing Detroit all night, and Ibanez tied the game with a two-out, two-run homer.

Twitter on the whole was pretty impressed by Ibanez, and Middlebrooks and Ross both joined the collective head-shake.

That appeared to not sit too well with some Red Sox fans, though.

While the Yankees and Red Sox were barely in the same class this season, Boston fans have no plans to let go of their long-fought hatred of the Yankees, with most Sox rooters only watching the MLB playoffs to see New York get dismantled. They quickly let the Red Sox regulars know what they thought of the players' perceived support of Ibanez.

One fan even suggested the Sox get rid of Middlebrooks for his lack of loyalty.

Ross and Middlebrooks were good-natured about the hate.

And Middlebrooks made sure to clarify what he was really rooting for when he cheered on Ibanez.

By the time the night was over, the two Sox newcomers at least knew this: Red Sox Nation doesn't mess around.

Ross acknowledged as much with a joke as he signed off, figuring that if he's going to drum up controversy, he might as well go for the gold next time.

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