Barack Obama’s Ability to Drive Lane Compared to Michael Jordan by Scottie Pippen (Photo)


November 7, 2012

Barack Obama and Michael Jordan may have more in common than just Chicago, according to Scottie Pippen.

On Tuesday we reported that Obama spent part of his day eschewing the stress of election day by playing some basketball with Pippen in a pick-up game. By the end of the night, of course, stress wasn’t part of the equation, as Obama won re-election handily (in the electoral college, anyway) over his challenger Mitt Romney.

But if only the campaign was as easy as driving the lane for Obama.

Pippen compared the president to his former legendary teammate, and it wasn’t necessarily flattering. Apparently defenders don’t want to take contact on Obama or Jordan, he told

“I thought the lanes opened up when Michael Jordan used to drive,” said Pippen in jest. “I used to be like, ‘Wow.’ But when I saw the president drive, I thought they were bringing the whole motorcade through the lane it was so wide.”

With the president slated to give a very public speech later that evening (whether it would have turned out to be acceptance or concession), it’s understandable that no one wanted to be the guy who put Obama on the floor. With Jordan, we’re not too sure, but NBA officiating does have a reputation for protecting its stars.

Check out Obama, Pippen and the other pick-up players in the photo  below.

Photo via Twitter/Ryan Baker

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