Boomer Esiason Compares His Most Embarrassing NFL Moment to Far More Embarrassing Mark Sanchez Play (Video)


Mark Sanchez‘s Jets were embarrassed on national TV on Thanksgiving. The Patriots steamrolled them 49-19, showing once again who the AFC East powerhouse really is.

The most embarrassing part of the game, however, came when Sanchez ran into the gluteus maximus of one of his offensive linemen. The Jets quarterback fumbled the ball, which led to a touchdown for Patriots safety Steve Gregory. At that point, the game was all but over.

CBS NFL analyst Boomer Esiason joined Dennis and Callahan on Monday to discuss the Jets’ season-long woes, and Sanchez’s wild play was one of the topics brought up. Esiason was asked about his most embarrassing play as an NFL quarterback, and let’s just say, it wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as Sanchez’s mishap.

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