Brandon Flowers Wants Everyone to Know That He’s Not That Brandon Flowers


Brandon Flowers has played in the NFL for five years. He’s a cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs — and not a bad one, at that. This year, he’s picked off two passes to bring his career interception total to 15.

But as the Chiefs rested up during their bye week and prepared for a big game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football, Flowers had other things on his mind — like music, and that he’s not known for making music.

Apparently Brandon Flowers keeps getting mixed up with another Brandon Flowers, from The Killers. So he’s decided to clear things up.

Gee, Brandon — we’re awful sorry. But that does sound like a lovely cross-promotion opportunity.

Chiefs Brandon Flowers photo via Twitter/@kstater2330
Killers Brandon Flowers photo via Facebook/Brandon Flowers

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