NFL teams go into the draft every year hoping to find the next superstar hiding in the pool of more than 500 players who declare each season.

The large majority of NFL players who are drafted don’t work out, but every once in a while, franchises hit the jackpot and select an individual who can make their team a contender.

While the quarterback spot is arguably the most important position in today’s NFL, it can also be the hardest position to draft well. Draft history is filled with stories of quarterbacks failing to follow through after being picked high, with passers like Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell leaving franchises hesitant for years to come.

But the draft can also be a great place to make a steal. For every Ryan Leaf, there could be a Tom Brady waiting in the later rounds. Some of today’s best quarterbacks, in fact, were scooped up by teams well past the first round.

Monday night’s star, Colin Kaepernick, is no exception. He acted like he’s been under center all season in just his first start in place of the injured Alex Smith.

The draft has had plenty of treasures, and today’s NFL is full of quarterbacks who had to beat their way up the depth chart to get a starting spot.

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