Would you brag about it to your friends if you got to watch basketball on TV while hanging out with former NBA star and rebounding expert Dennis Rodman?

That’s certainly what the artist formerly known as The Worm is banking on. Called the “Dennis Rodman Viewing Party Experience” on the website LivingSocial.com, for $59 dollars anyone who happens to be in Chicago on Dec. 1 can experience all the glory that is Rodman in person. Patrons get to watch a “screening of a pro basketball team” with Rodman, two drink tickets, a halftime Q&A session, a “photo opportunity” and automatic entry into a “Dress Like Dennis” contest.

But what, is that not enough for you? Well, if you so choose, you can also upgrade to the VIP package for $129 and get all that’s mentioned above, plus a 16″x20″ signed photo of Rodman and access to an open bar. According to the posting, the regular $59 package is actually worth $120 while the VIP package is worth $250 — no word on how they calculated those numbers.

“After all, watching a game alongside Dennis Rodman certainly warrants some bragging rights,” reads the post.

If you do decide to attend, just be sure not to bring a camera, or risk being kicked in the groin.