Suffice to say, it’s been a tough season for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are 1-9, and their fans seem to have little better to do than to boo former starting quarterback Matt Cassell — an experiment that looks to be over and done with. On Sunday, Kansas City lost 28-6 to the Cincinnati Bengals, piling on an already frustrating season.

Well, add further insult to injury.

As part of an annual tradition, Chiefs players spent their Thanksgivings personally delivering meals to folks in the Kansas City area. Well, it wasn’t so simple for Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster.

McCluster brought a meal and an autographed hat to one seemingly kindly old woman. In return? She suggested the Chiefs would be more fun to watch if they would win some more games, and that they need to work harder.

Check out the kind of truth-telling wit that only the elderly can provide in the video here.

Photo of the Night

Jason Terry looks to be doing an (appropriately) Irish jig.

Quote of the Night

“When you consider the history, everything is on the table.”
–NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson discussing a possible punishment for Ndamukong Suh’s latest indiscretion

Tweet of the Night

Ah, that explains it.

Video of the Night

We realize this is a day old at this point. But we just know you want to see it over and over again.