Brian Fallon may be a Jersey boy, but the newsboy hat certainly makes him look a bit Boston, eh?

On Monday night, the Gaslight Anthem — the band the New York Times suggested may be the “true heir” to Bruce Springsteen — are scheduled to play a set in Boston at the House of Blues. That’s certainly nothing unusual in the life of a national touring band, but before their evening concert the band took some time to do an interview for’s RadioBDC, and play a couple songs unplugged, as well.

Lead singer and frontman Fallon, it just so happens, is a huge sports fan. Growing up in New Jersey he may be a Yankees supporter, but New Englanders can certainly appreciate the fact that although he considers himself a Jets fan by birth, he describes himself as regretting it ever since. He also has some strong opinions about (not wanting) Nick Swisher potentially playing for the Red Sox.

In fact, Fallon’s not the only punk musician with sports allegiances, as he says him and Dropkick Murphys singer Ken Casey keep it jovial, but him and Mighty Mighty Bosstones singer Dicky Barrett don’t talk during baseball season. But whatever Fallon’s allegiances, he said he was going to try to take a tour of Fenway Park on Monday before the show — and admitted it’s a nicer ballpark than Yankee Stadium.

Check out a song from the Gaslight Anthem’s RadioBDC appearance below, and check out the interview and rest of the set by clicking here.

Photo via Facebook/The Gaslight Anthem

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Ah, to have the youthful innocence of 23 again.

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“Anytime one of your leaders is not where he’s supposed to be, it’s not good. I talk to our team all the time about being where you’re supposed to be and being on time. It’s a big deal.”
–Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier making sure Adrian Peterson gets the message

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He may have the size, but we don’t think that (lack of) speed is going to play at the scouting combine.