A bounce pass is one of basketball’s fundamentals. In football, it’s basically non-existent.

A bounce pass found its way into Skyline (Wash.) High School’s playbook, however, despite its unique nature and the perfect execution required for such a play. The team succeeded in executing the strange trickery, and eventually took home a victory.

Senior quarterback Max Browne set up in the shotgun formation and received the snap. It looked as if Skyline was setting up for a screen play, as Browne quickly turned to fire the ball over to wide receiver Matt Sinatro. Browne’s pass skipped off the ground and into Sinatro’s hands.

At that point, the defense assumed the play was ruled an incomplete pass. Only Browne’s pass was actually a lateral, therefore allowing Sinatro to chuck the ball downfield after getting his mitts on it.

The crazy trick play resulted in a 49-yard touchdown, and should also result in high school defenses paying a little more attention the next time a quarterback decides to borrow from a basketball playbook.

Check out the video below to see the wild play.