Kevin Garnett Compares Building Chemistry to Watching TV, Claims He’s a ‘DirecTV Guy’ (Video)


November 8, 2012

The Celtics made a number of offseason moves, so it’s understandable that they’re still trying to find the right chemistry on the court. But if you’re a C’s fan who is losing patience, allow KG to explain the situation.

Kevin Garnett, who recorded 20 points and 13 rebounds during the Celtics’ overtime win Wednesday, was asked after the game whether it’s possible to speed up the chemistry-building process. Being his usual candid self, KG responded honestly.

“You can?t speed chemistry up,” Garnett said. “I think the more practice, the more you get familiar with each other.”

Fair enough, right? Well, The Big Ticket wasn’t doesn’t explaining.

“There’s no hit the fast forward button here,” Garnett said. “You’ve got Comcast. Some shows you can’t fast forward through. You’re just got to let it go through and watch the silly [expletive] commercials and be pissed, right? This is what this is.”

Again, fair enough. That seems like a spot-on television comparison by Garnett, although his choice of which cable operator to reference might not go over well in some circles. KG quickly realized this, and decided to have a little fun with reporters.

“‘Did I just take a shot at Comcast? [Expletive] it, I did it. So what? I’m a DirecTV guy anyway. This is what this is,” Garnett said, while giving a Fresh Prince of Bel Air style lean.

“I’m not helping myself, am I? [Expletive] it. [Expletive] it. [Expletive] it. Who cares,” Garnett jokingly continued. “Anyway, that’s what this is. We totally messed that up, right? God damn, we just totally messed that up. But this is one of those things where it just takes its course and you can’t speed anything up.”

Moral of the story: You can’t speed anything up — except maybe postgame interviews to avoid digging yourself into a deep, deep hole.

Check out Garnett’s funny interview in the video below.

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