Kyle Singler Releases First NBA Trick-Shot Video Raining ‘Buckets’ Down in Detroit (Video)


Nov 26, 2012

Kyle Singler has had a pretty impressive rookie season in the NBA, but he’d be even better if there were obstacles like NFL goalposts and moving cars in the middle of the court.

Singler became famous at Duke for releasing two popular trick shot videos, the first of which featured him raining “buckets” down from all over Cameron Indoor Stadium. Singler’s second video saw him sinking shots from all over Duke’s campus.

Now that Singler has moved on to the NBA, he’s taken his impressive trick shots with him to Detroit. Singler saw the sights while hitting shots at Comerica Park, Ford Field and even in front of Hitsville, U.S.A. Singler’s most impressive shot came when he casually bounced a ball off a moving car and directly into the portable hoop the crew must have carried around all day.

Watch Singler’s new NBA-edition “buckets” video below.


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