Michael Vick Destroyed by Saints, Brother Marcus Vick Calls on Eagles to Trade Quarterback


Marcus Vick is mad, and he’s not going to take it anymore.

The brother of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has seen enough, and like any hard-working, red-blooded American, he’s using Twitter as his vehicle for change.

Marcus took to the Twitterverse on Monday night, as Michael’s Eagles were once again being pasted, this time by the New Orleans Saints down in the Superdome.

The real root of Michael and the Eagles’ problems, according to Marcus, is the offensive line. Or, as he put it on Twitter on Monday, the “—-ing line [crappy]!!!” whatever that means.

That was only the beginning, though, as Marcus spent the rest of the night calling out the O-line, while doing so with as much questionable grammar and spelling as you might imagine. Apparently between multiple arrests, stomping on opposing players at Virginia Tech and everything in between, Marcus sounds like he’s missed class more than he attended.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of his rants.

Here’s the thing. Marcus also called on the Eagles to trade his brother, as he referenced in one of the tweets about Nick Foles.

“Please trade my brother. We are requesting out of Philly!!!! Please please please…..” the tweet read.

That tweet is gone now, but the younger Vick certainly got his point across with everything else said Monday night.

Of course, Marcus’ time on the soapbox didn’t come without consequence.

We’ve all been there, man. And while he may have missed the pretty girl swag on Monday night because of the game, he wasn’t focused totally on football.

Seems a little partisan, no? Oh, wait. Yeah, it definitely is. Either way, he may be onto something here, with the obnoxious level of political ads that have infiltrated our sports viewing. At the very least, Marcus has some company when it comes to that — this girl knows what he’s talking about.

However, in Marcus’ defense, his big brother did spend a lot of time picking himself up off the ground on Monday night. He was sacked seven times, with pressure in his face all night long. It would have been tough for any quarterback to find success with that kind of pressure.

But then again, Michael Vick has been a turnover machine all season long, and that’s something you can’t necessarily blame solely on the big fellas up front. Even Marcus Vick should be able to admit that.

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