Mike Francesa Rips Jets, General Manager Mike Tannenbaum in Radio Chat That Pulls No Punches


Many sports radio hosts ask a question, take a response that doesn’t really help or answer the question, and move on.

Mike Francesa was having none of that on Friday.

Francesa used his time on WFAN to ask Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum about the state of his team — and to make sure Tannenbaum knew he wasn’t happy with the answers.

“Were you pleased, Mike, to see all your players slaughter [Tim] Tebow in the paper this week?” Francesa asked, referring to a Daily News article where as many as a dozen Jets players anonymously ripped Tebow and his quarterbacking abilities.

“I hated that,” Tannenbaum said, according to a Daily News account of the interview.

Francesa also took on the starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, and his performance, asking how Tannenbaum would rate how the starter is doing.

“He’s playing 3-6” ball, Tannenbaum said.

“He’s playing 1-8, I think,” Francesa fired back. “I don’t even know he’s playing 3-6.”

Francesa continued to push, attacking the idea that the Jets needed just a few more plays to go their way to get on the winning side.

“The Miami game, how is it one or two plays?” he asked. “What play are you looking for? A 20-point touchdown? You lost the game 30-9. It sounds like you’re not grabbing the gravity of your team here. You act like this team is like a play away from being good. Do you really believe that?”

Tannenbaum, who is taking more and more blame for a Jets team that clearly lacks the personnel needed to win, didn’t have much of a response.

But a 20-point touchdown would have been nice.

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