NHL, NHLPA Should Come to Deal Soon on Lockout Despite No Scheduled Talks (Video)


While it’s not a good sign that the NHL and its players’ association have no scheduled plans to meet again, the Canadian Press’ Chris Johnston is still staying positive.

Johnston says that he doesn’t think the sides are too far off and that once they start meeting again, they could come to an agreement soon. He blames the lack of progress on distrust at the bargaining table, saying that the two sides still aren’t able to work well together.

A positive sign is that both sides are “inching closer together” on the financials of the deal, though a final stumbling block may come in who has to pay up for the lack of income due to the lockout. Johnston doesn’t believe that the NHLPA will accept a straight 50-50 deal.

Watch the video above from NESN Daily to hear all of Johnston’s thoughts on the lockout.

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