Nolan Ryan to Release Beef Cookbook With Some of Fiery Ace’s Favorite Recipes


The first thing most baseball fans want from Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan is pitching advice.

A close second may be recipes on the best ways to cook beef, of which Ryan is reportedly a master.

Salivating baseball fans will get their wish in 2014, as Ryan is set to release a cookbook with his finest beef recipes, according to a press release from publisher Little, Brown and Company.

The cookbook “will include 75 to 100 of Ryan’s favorite family recipes, some of which are identical to what Ryan grew up eating in his mother’s kitchen. These recipes will emphasize Texas BBQ and grilling, along with traditional Sunday dinner favorites, but will also include roasting, pan searing, scoring, braising and deep-frying,” according to the release.

The cookbook also promises to include some baseball stories from Ryan, and gives a little background on both his baseball and cooking roots.

“Ever since he bought his first heifer at the tender age of 10, ranching has been close to Nolan Ryan’s heart,” the release said. “… [Ryan] invested his earnings in a ranch. While still pitching for the Texas Rangers he was asked to run for Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, and during this period in his career, he started to compile his favorite beef recipes. Ryan served on the board of directors of the Beefmaster Association, and while there started his own eponymous brand, Nolan Ryan’s All Natural Beef, to increase consumer awareness of the brand.”

Fans of meat couldn’t be more pleased about Ryan’s new endeavor, especially considering his credentials in the beef community.

But for baseball fans who are shrugging as they hear of pan-seared greatness, Ryan still has his legendary, original “beef” on the baseball diamond, which fans of all eating habits can enjoy.

Photo via Twitter/@saltyknuckles

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