Oh, Eagles. The Philadelphia football team may suddenly be the laughingstock of the NFL, but gosh-darnit, at least they’re having fun out there.

Trailing 28-13 with a minute left in the third quarter, the Eagles tried to hide Riley Cooper by having him lie down on the Superdome turf. Cooper jumped up, returner Brandon Boykin tried to throw a backwards pass to him and Cooper took it all the way back for a touchdown. It all worked so well. Until everyone noticed the yellow flag laying on the turf — just as Cooper had done moments later.

In 2012-Eagles’ fashion, Boykin’s pass didn’t travel backwards, it traveled forward and the entire play was nullified. Perhaps the Eagles were hiding that play — much like they were hiding Cooper — all season, waiting for the perfect time to call it. This was that time, but it failed. Much like the 2012 Eagles have done a lot lately.

Now if there were a way to blame this on Michael Vick somehow. Perhaps Vick taught Boykin how to throw backwards. Yes, that will do.

Watch the Eagles’ glorious try at some trickery in the gif below.

Thumbnail via Facebook/Riley Cooper

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