Justin Bieber, apparently, is for more than just teenage girls.

Athletes are supposed to be good at sports, and they certainly aren’t paid to have good taste in things like music. So maybe that explains the recent run of sports stars showing up at Bieber concerts.

First is was former Cy Young-winner Clayton Kershaw attending a not only a Bieber concert, but a Bieber concert opened by Carly Rae Jepsen of “Call Me Maybe” fame. More recently, it was former Patriot Ross Ventrone showing his appreciation for Bieber, and meeting up with some stars of Dance Moms, as well.

Well, on Wednesday night, NHL star Sidney Crosby was the latest to fall in line with the Biebs. The whole thing started with some Twitter rumors, before a picture of Crosby in attendance finally popped up on the web. Check out the evidence of Crosby’s Justin Bieber fandom in the image below.

Photo via Twitter/NHL Memes