When you’re hanging out this Friday night, possibly enjoying an adult beverage or two, you know what would make a great Chuck Klosterman-esque debate for you on your friends? Well, SPIN magazine has you covered.

The bi-monthly music publication (which changed from a monthly magazine and underwent a major redesign late in 2011) has been making an effort to reach out into offbeat music topics over the last year, which was perhaps the impetus for a photo gallery published on SPIN.com earlier this week. What the gallery does is attempt to pair up NBA stars with their spiritual rock-star counterparts.

Certainly, some of the decisions are more questionable than others. We kind of doubt LeBron James minds being compared to Jack White (well, who wouldn’t?) or that Kobe Bryant doesn’t share a certain kinship with Kanye West. However, do you think Derrick Rose would consider his comparison to Adele flattering?

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