Tim Tebow Admits ‘Sadness,’ ‘Can’t Control’ Being ‘Terrible’


Tim Tebow is just a sensitive guy.

Early on Wednesday news emerged that several of Tebow’s Jets teammates had bad-mouthed him to the New York Daily News, with one “defensive starter” calling him “terrible.” Beyond the attention that Tebow will always inevitably draw and the current New York quarterback controversy with Mark Sanchez, it does kind of figure that someone in the locker room was going to say something negative.

Nonetheless, Tebow’s reaction to the incident was kind of interesting.

According again to the New York Daily News, Tebow admitted “some frustration and I guess some sadness” upon hearing about the report. “This is something I can?t control. I can control my attitude, my effort and my work ethic. Those are things that will never change based on what anybody says.”

So, in typical Tebow fashion, he’s taking this bad news and trying to turn it into a positive thing for himself. He says he even spoke with left guard Matt Slauson, the only player quoted by name in the original story.

“It?s a little disappointing, but you try to go about your business and improve and get better and not let this affect you negatively at all,” said Tebow. “If anything, just make you work a little bit harder.”


Nice shot of Jeff Green‘s dunk.

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“We live in a culture now that’s got a very progressive mentality, which is fantastic as far as the association of the knuckleball goes. And that’s a compliment to the vision and the imagination of the writers who voted. They didn’t see the knuckleball as a trick pitch. They didn’t see it as some kind of illegitimate weapon that you can use that isn’t worthy. They saw it as a legitimate weapon. It has one purpose, and that’s to get big-league hitters out consistently. It brings a real degree of legitimacy to the knuckleball fraternity. I’m glad to represent them, and I’m certainly grateful for all of those guys.”
R.A. Dickey making us wonder whether all the living knuckleballers get together for a yearly party


Giancarlo Stanton is clever.


Looks like Michael Bradley is doing just fine without his dad coaching him on the national team.

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