Zach Randolph Takes Simulated DUI Test in Grizzlies’ Locker Room, Fails (Video)


The Memphis Grizzlies aren’t just an up-and-coming NBA team, but they’re also doing pretty well to find creative ways to entertain themselves in the locker room.

We’ll admit we’re missing a little bit of context for this video, but here’s what we know: On Tuesday, Rudy Gay tweeted out the below video with the message “Zbo doing the DUI test.” The video features Zach Randolph going through a typical DUI test — walking a straight line — as someone (Gay?) narrates that Randolph is wearing beer goggles. A couple policemen are standing by and another Grizzlies player is also doing the test in the background, so presumably this was a sanctioned, prearranged event.

Randolph doesn’t seem to do so well walking the line, which begs the question, doesn’t practice make perfect? Check it out in the video below.

Thumbnail via Facebook/Zach Randolph

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