Amir Johnson Will Likely Hear From NBA After Flying Off Handle, Throwing Mouthpiece at Official (Video)


Amir Johnson got awfully mouthy with referee David Jones on Monday night.

Johnson was ejected during the third quarter of the Raptors’ loss to the Blazers after a rather bizarre incident. Portland forward J.J. Hickson had just made a free throw, and Johnson — for some strange reason — really wanted to get his mitts on the basketball. When Jones refused to hand the rock over to Johnson, the Raptors forward seemingly took offense to it, and he was quickly ejected from the game.

The true oddity of the situation, however, came after the ejection. A visibly upset Johnson had to be restrained, at which point he chucked his mouthpiece off Jones’ back.

“He turned his back; I really wanted to know what happened,” Johnson told reporters after the game. “Nothing was said. I lost my cool right there. I never had any problems all the eight years I’ve been in the league. I never argued with a ref or did anything wrong. From there, I just lost my cool.”

Losing his cool will likely cost Johnson. There’s no way the league will let this little incident go unnoticed, especially after Kings guard Aaron Brooks was fined $25,000 for throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd back in November.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Toronto Raptors.

Check out the weird situation in the video below.

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