It’s the season for giving, and Texans running back Arian Foster is certainly appreciative for all the hard work his offensive line put in while helping him to a third-consecutive 1,000-yard season.

Foster bought Segway scooters for the entire Texans offensive line, leaving them in the Reliant Stadium locker room for his teammates to find. According to ESPN, the burly linemen “screamed with delight” upon making the discovery.

“I can’t do anything without them,” said Foster. “It was just my way of giving back to the big fellas.”

Apparently Foster has owned a Segway for years, and has developed a reputation among his teammates for riding the scooter practically everywhere. The team has apparently been giving him a hard time about it, but that might be more difficult now, especially after Foster showed his team how to use the vehicles in the locker room.

Foster has rushed 1,313 yards this season and leads the NFL with 14 rushing touchdowns.