Barack Obama Weighs in on NHL Lockout, Tells Owners, Players to ‘Do Right by Your Fans’ (Video)


During his first term in office, President Barack Obama saw unprecedented labor strife, with vitriol between unions and government coming to a head especially in states like Wisconsin. However, no fight with anti-union Republicans could have prepared him for the NHL lockout.

The White House is not stepping in the middle of the lockout, but on Thursday Obama did comment on the fact that the dispute boils down to two largely wealthy parties fighting over how to divide a whole lot of money — a fact that doesn’t necessarily sit well with your average working-class hockey fan. Obama’s probably opening himself up to new accusations of “class warfare,” but if his words get negotiations going, hockey fans will probably overlook politics.

Check out an update on the NHL lockout from NESN Daily in the video above.

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