Elite 8

The quest to track down Boston’s Best Sports Bar Dish has reached its second stage.

In the opening round, the dishes from The Baseball Tavern, CBS Scene, Dillon’s, McGreevy’s, Tasty Burger, The Pour House, The North Star and The Harp all claimed victories over their worthy opponents.

Fans now have a week to vote in which dishes make it to the Final Four, so click the matchups below, vote for your favorite dish, and share with your friends! Polls close on Monday, Dec. 17 at noon ET.

The Baseball Tavern’s Fried Clams vs. CBS Scene’s Pastrami Burger

Dillon’s Back Bay Fries and Gravy vs. McGreevy’s Pub Pretzel-n-Cheese

Tasty Burger’s Big Tasty vs. The Pour House’s All-Star Sampler

The North Star’s Joey Chestnut Sampler vs. The Harp’s North End Burger