Carlos Tevez Gives Hopeless Mario Balotelli Gift-Wrapping Masterclass (Video)

It seems Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is as good at wrapping presents for Christmas as he is at scoring goals.

The Argentine gave a gift-wrapping class to teammate Mario Balotelli, who didn’t seem to have any idea of how to cut the wrapping paper and wrap a gift properly. Tevez showed his wrapping skills to Manchester City’s official television channel while he was teaching Balotelli and also had time to make fun of “Supermario” when he told him he was left handed.

This odd pair had good chemistry on camera. With the mix of Spanish and Italian, Tevez and Balotelli could make a successful sitcom pair.

Watch the gift-wrapping masterclass in the video below.

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Thumbnail photo via Twitter/‏@Majstar7