Friday was one of those days when no one wanted to play or talk about sports.

As news broke about a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., sports stars joined the rest of the nation in trying to figure out what happened and if anything could be done to help the pain.

The NFL announced that its teams will hold a moment of silence before their games this week. Kevin Durant inscribed his shoes to let everyone know where his thoughts were.

Celtics coach Doc Rivers struggled with how to deal with the news.

“I don’t know what right answer is [in whether I should address the team],” Rivers said, according to The Boston Globe. “I know a lot of our guys are talking about it. It was awful, just awful day. It really is. This is our jobs. You know? This is not a game for us. This is what we do but when something like this happens, it supersedes job and everything else. As a parent, this is awful, awful what happened.

“I saw a guy do an interview there with a Celtics shirt on. So that does make it part of our community, that area. It’s probably 50-50 Celtics or Knicks in Connecticut. But this is a national incident. I think it hits home because we’re all parents and it’s just senseless.”

And, all across the sports world, athletes took to social media to share their thoughts. See what they had to say:

Kobe Bryant

Photo via Facebook/News10